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Girl I've been where you've been

Isn’t it always better to learn from someone that has gone before you? I’m here for you!



I think your story and mine, may not be that different.

I always KNEW that I wanted to be more and do more with my life. I also knew that like everyone else, I needed a full-time corporate job to secure a monthly income. Even though I always gave 1000% of myself in every Personal Assistant role I held, I still daydreamed about having a flexible lifestyle where I could call the shots in my own life, instead of my schedule being DICTATED to me on a daily basis and make the money I knew I could make! I just had no clue, like most people, about how to go about changing this and living out my dream of being my own boss.

One bland day in 2014, sitting at my desk at work, feeling tired, stressed and isolated, I thought to myself surely I could offer the skills that help these corporates I worked for, to build my OWN EMPIRE, instead of some else’s. I started spending all my spare time setting up my Virtual Assistant business, without any HELP, RESOURCES or SUPPORT. Even with all the thousands of mistakes I made starting my VA business, I soon had 4 South African clients in 3 months and 2 additional international clients within 6 months. I was making 5 TIMES my salary as a Personal Assistant!

Let me just backtrack and say, that none of this was an easy journey. I put in 1000’s of hours of hard work to have the successful business I created for myself. I worked really hard for my clients to build great working relationships. I also made many mistakes that resulted in me having to restart my virtual business from scratch, building on and changing the mistakes I made with my first virtual business. In the beginning I had to hear the word NO way more than I heard the word YES! BUT I never gave up! And that is the key to success. To keep going no matter how hard it is!

After 7 years as a successful International VA, I had ladies asking me on a daily basis how I actually got it right, as many ladies try go out on their own and fail because they do not have the correct groundwork in place and I am not talking about groundwork that one has to go and search on blogs and Google, I am talking about a STEP-BY-STEP guide and support on how to set everything up so that you have ASSURED success in your VA business.

This led me to what I now know is my absolute calling in life, and that is to assist any woman who wants to start her own VA business from scratch with my coaching. I have coached TONS of ladies who have gone on to set up their very own successful businesses and they will never turn back from having the flexible lifestyles they have always dreamt of.

Are you ready to create your own success story?

Besides coaching ladies on how to go about setting their successful businesses up, my biggest calling is to remind woman about who we are and what we can achieve in this life. Back then, I had no extra money, no degree, nothing special in order to start my business and yet, I made it! I also had everyone around me who thought I was absolutely crazy for starting my own business and also people that did not believe I would make it… but just know this! You have absolutely everything it takes to be a successful, dynamic, world changing fempreneur, super-mom and family woman!

And if you don’t believe that I am standing here, ready to cheer for you, motivate you and show you how you can create a thriving lifestyle and business.

I  don’t believe you are reading this by chance, it is time to step into the future you were created for. If you would like to go on this journey with me… click here to set up a FREE 30 MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL, grab a coffee and let’s chat about your bright future!

You are one decision away from a different life 💕

Chat soon, Mel xoxo

Fun facts about me


I believe there is a solution to everything
I believe there is a reason for everything
I live for yoga
I am an accredited life coach
 I am a certified social media expert
I love pasta and wine
In my spare time I play violin
Books are my ultimate obsession 
I nearly have my BA degree
I run more than one business
My favourite holiday destination is Bali

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