My VA Journey

I was an Executive Personal Assistant to C-Level executives for over 15 years. I got to the point where I just knew that I could be and do more with my life. It got to the point where I would dread work on a Sunday night and get a sinking feeling in my stomach for the week ahead. Even though I was grateful for my job, I knew I was destined for SO much more! I took the leap and started my own virtual business in 2014 and it was the best decision I have made. I earned WAY more than my role in the corporate world and had the flexibility to run my own daily schedule. I was also fortunate enough to acquire international clients, which opened me up to SO much more experience.

I had many ladies asking me how I got it right, as many ladies try go out on their own and fail because they do not have the correct groundwork in place and I am not talking about groundwork that one has to go and search on blogs and Google, I am talking about a step-by-step guide and support on how to set everything up so that you have ASSURED success in your VA business.

This led me to what I now know is my absolute call in life and that is to assist any woman who wants to start her own VA business from scratch with my coaching. I have coached TONS of ladies who have gone on to set up their very own successful businesses and they will never turn back from being their own bosses.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A VA is someone who has an administrative/secretarial background who works remotely from their own location using technology to run their business virtually.  A VA can offer a range of services to clients virtually, depending on her skill set.  Examples of services offered can be:

Diary management
Arranging of meetings
Presentations for clients
Database management
Email management
Travel arrangements
Internet research
Marketing and social media management
And so much more…

A VA has the potential to earn her own money & as much as she decides she wants to make.  The benefits to her clients are that they do not need to pay for fringe benefits that they normally would hiring a permanent Executive Assistant that is based in their offices or the additional costs of having a full-time employee. A client also has the option to choose how many hours they want their VA to work dependent on their budget & work load, so it is a win win situation for both parties.

Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

You determine your own hours
You work from your own personal location
You can offer services of your choice
You are your own boss
You determine your pricing & how much money you want to make
You can work internationally, while being based in your own location
You determine how many clients you want on your books
And so much more…

What it Takes to be a Virtual Assistant/Fempreneur

Being your own boss & business owner is a fantastic experience, although in saying that you are now a fempreneur, which means that everything you do & all the effort you put into your business, will determine the outcome of your success.  There are a few qualities & characteristics that you need to possess in order to be a successful business owner & these are:

Fempreneurs have confidence in themselves & their businesses & carry on in spite of setbacks, difficult situations & problems.  They are able to take immediate decisions, but can also exercise patience until a task has been completed & a goal reached.  They do not lose heart when they make mistakes or fail.  Successful fempreneurs have an intense determination & a need to overcome obstacles, solve problems & complete a task.  They are not intimidated by difficult situations.

Commitment to the business
Fempreneurs dedicate all their skills, time, expertise & resources to establishing & building the business.

♥Completely involved in the business
Fempreneurs are personally involved in their business & are aware of everything that is happening on all levels & in all sections of the business.  They perform tasks themselves & communicate well with others involved with the business, such as their clients.

Willingness to take risks
Fempreneurs take calculated risks.

Sound human relations
Fempreneurs work closely with other people.  They realise they cannot be successful in isolation & therefore draw knowledge & relationships off others to build contacts to the benefit of their business.  They know it is important to ensure long-term relationships & stay on good terms with clients & mentors.

Creativity & innovative ability
Creativity refers to a person’s imagination & ability to think creatively.  Creativity is the generation of new & useable ideas to solve any problem or use any opportunity.  In the long term, a business’ success is determined by the degree to which good ideas are generated, developed & implemented.  In other words, effective fempreneurs take the initiative to solve problems in a unique manner.

Positive attitude & approach
Fempreneurs learn from their setbacks & failures.  They are realistic & accept that disappointments are inevitable, & are not discouraged when these occur.  They are able to identify opportunities even in adverse and difficult situations.  All this indicates that fempreneurs remain positive despite setbacks, failure & disappointment.  This does not mean they do not sometimes feel dispirited when events are not favourable, but on the whole they deal positively with situations.  We often read of entrepreneurs who have lost everything, sometimes more than once, only to start afresh.  Success is achieved by using negative experiences positively & by learning from past mistakes.

My Mission

Is to help everyone & anyone who wants the freedom to be their own boss & to make as much money as they want, using my knowledge to empower you & coach you on how to do this, so that you can be the success that I know you can be.  I have an absolute passion for VA’s (because I have been one for so long).  When I started out, I had nothing.  No information, no guidelines & no one to take me through this journey.  I have made every conceivable mistake in my own VA journey & that is why I decided to help others achieve a successful business & walk this journey together with you.

Fun Facts About Me

My favourite colour is pastel yellow
I am an accredited life coach
 I am a certified social media expert
I love pasta and wine
In my spare time I play violin
Books are my ultimate obsession (anything  by John Maxwell)
I nearly have my Business Administration degree
I run more than one business
My favourite holiday destination is Bali

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime you would like to have a chat, I so look forward to hearing from you!