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My Process is Simple

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I have two options to choose from for your business website design. The first option is complete website design with the complete text content done for you.

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Before we get started, I need to understand what your business is all about, your goals for your website & get to know more about your website needs.

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Once I have received your booking application, I will review your information and reach out to you with the next steps to get started on your exciting website journey.

Questions & Answers

I build all my websites on WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular website building platform & there is good reason for that! WordPress is reliable, trusted and therefore my go to for all my clients.

My exact process is laid out on my services page, but I provide a 2-3 step process whilst I am building your website that provides you with the opportunity to make revisions as we go along. Please note however, that when the final go ahead is given by you no more revisions can be made. Should you want to make revisions or add extra pages once your site goes live, please see my “maintenance” services package page.

If you select the “design only” package, I will provide you with a document which will guide you as to what text you need to write for your website.

Please note I am not a website service provider & therefore your domain booking & hosting is separate to my design. I do have an excellent service provider that I recommend to all my clients and I do support with helping you getting the domain & hosting booked. Pricing ranges from R200-R220 ($11-$12) for domain booking (annual fee) & R99-R159 ($6-$9) for hosting (monthly fee) .

When your website goes live – the website is entirely your intellectual property & I will provide you with all your login details. I do make a backup of your website once it has launched, but please note that I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong by changes that are made after the website launched.

Please note that I am usually booked out weeks in advance & only offer an initial discussion after I have received your booking application form. My method of contact during site building & after launch will be via email only.

I offer various options depending on whether you would like me to only design your website, or whether you would like the full option of web design & text/content creation. My web design services start at R6,500/$8000/£400. I also offer payment plan options for clients who feel that is a more comfortable option for them. For more information on my packages, visit this link.

I base the timeline of your web design on the basis of the scope of the project. A rough outline would be 14 working days for web design only and 21 working days for web design and website text/content option. I will be able to give you an exact timeline for your project at the outset, but please note that this availability is also based on my bookings for that particular month.

When you sign up for one of my web design packages, I will be providing you with a checklist of the items I need from you.

A Fully Guided Website Process

Getting your business online can be be stressful if you don’t know where to begin, this is precisely why my business exists! I guide you through exactly what I need to turn your business into an online store front for your products &/services


What You Need

I’ve been in the online business space for going on a decade now. I have been both in the trenches & the most rewarding parts of an online business. I know what you need and what you don’t need to succeed in your small business!

Your biggest service or product seller? Your Website! Not just any website, but a website that actually converts clients without you needing to convince them!

You are one decision away from having one of your greatest marketing tools!


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