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My Name is Melissa

I am a top Virtual Assistant Coach to South African and Global ladies who are desperately wanting to create a life on their own terms. I coach and mentor these queens and show them EXACTLY how to ditch their 9-5’s, how to set their Virtual businesses up from beginning to launch, earn 5-6 FIGURE INCOMES and become CEO’s of their own Virtual empires, in under 90 DAYS OR LESS… the way I did!

The Virtual Assistant Coach

Your Future Begins Now ...

Becoming a Virtual Assistant or an Online Business owner is for you if the following resonates with you:

Reasons Why Doing This On Your Own Sucks

How I Can Help ...

Option 1

- Virtual Assistant Business Acceleration DIY Online Program


Ladies who feel like they want to accelerate their VA/Online businesses and get it up and started in 6 weeks. This is a video and email series that has 12 modules that cover absolutely EVERYTHING you need to start and succeed in your VA business, the way I did. This can even be done in your free time and weekends, as you can attend to the videos and worksheets at your own pace and online.

The Virtual Assistant Coach

What this program entails:

What you get:

What is covered in this program:

COST: R599

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach

Option 2

1:1 Va/Online Business Coaching with Me


Ladies who feel like they need personal support and accountability to be taken through each and every step that is required to set up their VA/Online businesses with me personally by your side. This VIP coaching consists of weekly workbooks and calls, with me explaining every step and monitoring your progress.

What this program entails:

What you get:

One-Off Payment:

Over 2 Month Instalments
R2,500 x 2

Over 3 Month Instalments
R1,733 x 3

Option 3

VA/Online Business Website Design


Ladies who are looking for a beautiful, clean and most importantly … professional VA website that sells! Having been a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Owner for 8+ years, I have first-hand knowledge of what clients look for in a website. Therefore I know precisely what needs to go on your VA website/Online Business website. I have created beautiful, and clean WordPress websites for 8 years. These websites are client-centric and contain everything I know potential clients look for when they go onto your site. As a VA/Business Coach I come across many websites and it is my strongest belief that there is no point in having a website, if it is not 100% attracting potential clients.

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach

What's Included

What's Not Included:

One-Off Payment:

Over 2 Month Instalments
R3,500 x 2

Over 3 Month Instalments
R2,400 x 3

Please note there is an additional discount for taking my 1:1 coaching package coupled with website design. Email to enquire about this discount on .

Client Love ...

This is just some of the love I have received from my precious clients!

I cannot thank Melissa enough for her assistance, advice, wealth of knowledge and lastly, an absolutely amazing VA course and website!

I signed up for a VA course with one of these online platforms, but the content was very Americanised and one course only covered one item, which meant you needed to enrol for other courses as well.

That being said, Melissa’s VA course is so detailed and professional. She covers so much and is always available to answer any (and lots) of questions. She always provides constructive and open-minded feedback. She works WITH you and helps you to reach your full potential and more.

I always wanted to do a VA course with someone who is a) South African and b) is/was an actual VA. She has first hand experience of exactly what a VA business entails, what you should and should not do, what will work, what to be aware of etc. Her course not only incorporates her wealth of knowledge, but also her lessons learned, her previous mistakes and how she improved on that and continued to be successful. Melissa is a realist and she provides very useful insight.

An added bonus is that she also has a VA Website package which assisted me with my full website design, text and set-up. I only had to tell her once, exactly what I was looking for in terms of style, design, colours, etc., and she delivered! While she was designing my website, I was in the middle of moving to our new home and also finishing up at my then corporate job. I had very little time to liaise with her, and when I eventually could, we were days before I had to go live. She did everything perfectly! The feedback that I get from my contacts, family and friends, is that my website is amazing!

Melissa is professional, in touch, she is honest, reliable and she delivers. I always knew that I was in good hands but she has most definitely exceeded all of my expectations.

I am grateful to have crossed paths with Melissa as she has provided me with all the tools, knowledge and advice to ensure that I start my VA business in the most professional, most impressive and “with a bang” way.

Thank you, Melissa! Everything you have done for me is greatly appreciated.

Cheryl ~ Gauteng

The Virtual Assistant Coach

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