Love from Clients

“When I came across Melissa’s training it was a no brainer for me to sign up straight away. If you are serious about starting a virtual assistant business there really is no one better than Melissa to guide you and I truly believe that she is an absolute pro at teaching the fundamentals of starting your own VA business as she breaks each step into manageable tasks.  

Not only is Mel an amazing coach, I can happily say I have gained a wonderful friend. If you are struggling to believe that you could start your own business or suffer from a lack of self confidence, Mel’s positive can-do attitude and kindness will inspire you to believe that you can! I can’t recommend her enough!”

Pippa (Bali, Indonesia)

Dear Melissa, Thank you for your support and coaching.  I have just signed my first VA Contracts and resigned from my full time position. I am so excited as things are really falling into place.  I have taken all your suggestions and tips and added research to all my questions before I decided to take the step.

It is great knowing that we as new VA’s have a support structure in people like yourself, to back us and to encourage us. Thank you and keep up the good work. Warmest regards.

Yvonnette (Gauteng, South Africa)

I would like to take some time to thank you for all that you have done in assisting me set up my Virtual Assistant business. From day 1 it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you, you possess some really unique qualities which are “patience & Understanding”.

Your professional approach is none that I have ever seen before and your service have been impeccable in every aspect and you truly delivered everything that you have promised and so much more.

From time to time you encounter a person that possesses a certain successful air, a person that is admired and stands above the crowd in their respective field and that is undoubtedly you Melissa Nicholson.

I am so blessed that our paths have crossed as I have not only set up a remarkable business and learnt so much but have also gained a fantastic friend.

Nasheeha (Gauteng, South Africa)

“I came across Melissa’s e-course about a month and a half ago and was a bit sceptical at first, as there are lots of scams and promises of help out there (trust me on this one). I was not sure if I was going to find clients or if this was going to be a huge disaster. I took the leap and bought the e-course and I am already all set up. The plan to find clients is clear and concise and I have already bagged one client who is waiting for me to resign and who wants to retain me on a 5-hour retainer. All I can say is the course is a literal step-by-step, in depth program, broken into bite-sized tasks which are easily understood and very clear to action. I also love the fact that I can turn to Melissa whenever I need help. She does not just say she will support and then you can’t get hold of her, she is actually always there whenever I have questions, no matter how small. I would highly recommend this e-course as 5 stars.”

Candice, (Gauteng, South Africa)

“Melissa approached me a couple of months ago about becoming a Virtual Assistant. I have been a PA for seven years & had never heard of Virtual Assistants, but after doing a bit of research, it sounded like a fabulous opportunity!  I’m a single Mom & had been exploring different options as to how I could create a balance between bringing in a steady income & being hands on for my children. I therefore leaped at the Coaching Course on how to be a Virtual Assistant that Melissa presented to me. One cannot put a price on the information that Melissa has imparted on. Not only is she helpful, kind, caring and committed, Melissa has covered every possible avenue for setting up your own home office. There is information that I would not have even thought of & it won’t cost a fortune to start with. If you are considering becoming  a Virtual Assistant & are committed to hard work & opening your own business , then I would most definitely recommend this course and working closely with Melissa.  You won’t regret it!”

Kate (Gauteng, South Africa)

“I have always wanted to go into the world of virtual assistance, but never had a clue where to begin. I tried to use many articles & resources online to try & set my virtual business up, but the more research I did, the more confused I got. I came across Melissa’s coaching profile & was immediately taken with the idea that someone would be with me through the entire process. Melissa has helped me step-by-step to set up my entire VA business & I am so excited to go on this journey, it has literally changed my future in ways I cannot explain.”

Carolyn – Washington DC, USA

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the insights I have gained from the ecourse I participated in.  It has given me the opportunity to shape my own business and I am so looking forward to implementing what I have learned.  Once again thank you for the guidance and assistance, it is much appreciated.”

Gwen – Gauteng, South Africa

“I was referred to Melissa by a friend, who had been coached by her. I have recently begun the coaching with Melissa & am already blown away! Melissa covers absolutely every aspect that a VA needs to know to set her business up! Not only has she become a great friend but feels like family! Forever grateful to Melissa for her guidance, kindness and absolute interest in me & my future.”

Hannah – London, UK

“I am truly glad I invested in Melissa’s VIP coaching. Melissa helped me to transition from my full-time job into being a VA & running my own successful business & I did not need to do it alone. With her coaching, I have changed my entire future. Very well worth the investment. I am so glad I took this leap, it has been well worth it.”

Simone – CPT, South Africa

“I tried to start my own VA business on my own & unfortunately it failed. I found Melissa online and thank goodness I did! She reviewed my entire business for me & told me exactly what to do to fix & change what I had been doing. I hadn’t realised how much I didn’t know until I took up coaching with Melissa. I would highly recommend Melissa, as she gives you a personal coaching relationship that cannot be beaten!” 

Jeanne – Paris, France  

“Melissa made me feel right at home throughout the coaching. I have set up my thriving VA business and am on my way to success.”

Kathryn (Middleburg, South Africa)

“I struggled to believe that I could become an entrepreneur & that I was capable to start my own business! Melissa’s can-do attitude & complete belief in me has made me want to leap out & level up to be the best that I can possibly be for myself & my business! I am truly thankful to have come across Melissa & would highly recommend her coaching to anyone that needs a push in the right direction!”

Emily – Leeds, UK

“Thank you Melissa for always encouraging us. Your VA course has been a life saver to me who has been a housewife for 26 years. After the course with you and the excitement of learning how to put into use my passion for typing I set up my VA office. That’s when self-doubt and fear set in. Last week I completed a project for my first client who was so satisfied with the work I produced! That feeling of doubting myself has gone. All I needed to do was say yes and put myself out there. I highly recommend Melissa.”

Nula – Durban, South Africa

“I have always been deeply passionate about being my own boss & showing this world what I have to offer. I had the right attitude, but no resources to get my business idea off the ground. I came into contact with Melissa & through our 1:1 weekly calls I have finally broken through to that place where I can unleash all my business ideas & actually create a business that is profitable & that I know is going to be a huge success. Melissa’s business knowledge is almost unmatched. She helped me targeted those places in my mind which were fuzzy & helped me to transform my ideas into reality! I would recommend any fempreneur to reach out to her & tap into the great business mind that is Melissa.”

Sarah – Chicago, USA

“I love Melissa’s positive attitude on absolutely everything & that I can still contact her for any help I need even after the coaching was done! I battled for months to try get the information I needed from the internet, from blog posts that try to assist, but Melissa’s hands-on approach is what has done the trick!”

Kgomotso – Limpopo (South Africa)

“Melissa is an exceptionally professional coach. Her coaching style & kindness are absolutely out of this world! She gives you a personal coaching experience & was absolutely passionate about helping me & the success of my business, which is a rare find. “

Sofia – Hamburg, Germany

“I was extremely unhappy in my corporate job! I just knew that I had the potential to do more & be more in life, but was extremely nervous to take the leap. I came across Melissa’s coaching & she helped changed my mind about everything. We have been working on my business for 2 months now & am almost ready to launch my business. I could never have done it without Melissa’s help!”

Sanette – George, South Africa

“Very insightful course.  Well worth the purchase for all beginner entrepreneurs of all industries.  A true A-Z for VA’s.  Working with Melissa is wonderful.  She is truly passionate about what she does and will go the extra mile to assist in any matter”.

Marietha – Pretoria, South Africa

“Melissa has a wealth of wisdom to share, not only with regards to setting up a business, but she asks the right questions! She really gets deep into your background & draws out all your positive strengths & then helps you use these to the benefit of your business. I was also a bit clueless when it came to goal planning & setting my intentions for the future! Before Melissa I did not look as far as the next week ahead. She helped me map out my 5-10 year business plans & I am so glad I invested in her coaching, it is more than worth it!”

Eleanor – London, UK

 “I attended one of Melissa’s workshops in Pretoria & have  since been a VA for 3 months now & have setup my business using Melissa’s coaching.  I am now finally my own boss!!!  Best decision ever!”

Natalie – Pretoria,South Africa

“I always had a niggling thought that I wanted to start my own online business, but was not sure if this was a road I could actually take. I attended one of Melissa’s webinars & this sealed the deal for me. I have completed my coaching with Melissa, have an amazing website & every resource I need to turn my business into something amazing. I am even adding on to my business offerings & have more than one online business, which has really taken off. Melissa’s coaching is unmatched & comes highly recommended.”

Nicole – Nevada, USA

 “I have my first three clients using the method Melissa coached me with, thank you Melissa :)”

Caitlin – Durban, South Africa