Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 3 Tips!

Many ladies are looking into starting their own Virtual Assistant businesses, but honestly feel SUPER overwhelmed at the unknown. This makes perfect sense to me because I was in the exact same boat as you 8 years ago! I don’t know about you, but when I do not have all the details, I am going to immediately feel intimidated and overwhelmed. That is why in this blog I am hopefully going to make you feel a bit more at ease about how to go about starting your own successful Virtual Assistant business the way I did 8 years ago – minus the overwhelm.

Tip #1 – All you have to do is make the decision

Many times we try to see the bigger picture immediately without knowing the facts or the steps for something. When we do that we will immediately start thinking about what could possibly go wrong – which could be a lot right? The truth is, your only job in this step is to make the decision that you are going to start your own Virtual Assistant business. You do not need to know how everything will work out right away or how this will work if you have a full-time job or think about things like “what if it doesn’t work out and its a complete failure“. None of this matters right now, besides making the decision to move forward. Do you feel relieved? I hope so 🙂

Tip #2 – Do you have the right equipment?

Many ladies feel that when starting a Virtual Assistant business you need to spend lots of money to set your business up and a whole new office set up to match. Truth is? You do not! I started my Virtual Assistant business on my couch (no lies!). So let’s look at what you truly need (fortunately you probably have all of this already):

  • A reliable laptop or PC (that is not slow or gets stuck)
  • A reliable WIFI or data plan (that does not hang or have a lot of down-time)
  • Your mobile phone (not that you would be making excessive calls because we now have the internet yay)

Can you believe this is it? I didn’t have a lot of money when I started so I know for a fact this is what you need to start and run your VA business.

Tip #3 – You need the right foundation

I won’t lie and say that there is not a lot of work involved in setting up your Virtual Assistant business, but think about that it this way if you start now and you invest the time into setting your Virtual Assistant business up the right way – you could be resigning from your full-time job sooner than you think and stepping into a business that will provide you with more finances and security than the current job market provides.

This is why it is so crucial to get every single step that is necessary to ensure that this works … You see it does not help to try to piece articles and advice together here and there and try to go out and do this business … I can almost guarantee this will not work out! How do I know this? I tried to do the same and I had to learn the very very hard way that having a logo and a list of services was never going to cut it. Being an actual Virtual Assistant for 6 years locally and internationally taught me this! It’s the experiences you go through, the mistakes you make and the lessons you learn that count!

Get certified as a Virtual Assistant in 6-weeks or less

Should you be ready to take this step you are not alone! I have a 6-week program from A-Z that takes you through the exact steps that you need in order to be successful in your VA business. It covers absolutely every single aspect that you need (without the overwhelm).

What does the program entail?

  • 12 modules (each module contains a video that you watch first + a worksheet you need to complete and send back to me so I can review what you have set up and provide input)
  • This course is completely online so you are able to do this at your own time and own pace
  • When you have finished with the course you and I will have a call to review your set up and we can discuss your transition into being a full-time VA (don’t worry about if you have a full-time job etc this will all be explained to you how to safely go about this)
  • You will then be CERTIFIED as a Virtual Assistant by me!

If you want to get started, make sure you apply for your spot for R450 ASAP so you can get your VA business ready for 2022!

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