What Is Happening In The VA Market Right Now?

Two of the biggest questions I am getting asked right now (especially now towards year-end) is “What is happening in the VA market right now and “should I even bother starting my Virtual Assistant business or continuing to market my business?“. This is normal because in our minds we know that year-end is around the corner and that everyone starts shutting off pretty much from the beginning of December already. In this blog, we will delve into the facts around this.

Let’s look at what is happening in the VA market first

I must say, I am actually jealous that I did not start my own Virtual Assistant business during the time we are currently living in because my own Virtual Assistant’s that have undergone my training have it a lot easier than I did! Back in 2014 when I started, all I ever did was spend my time explaining to people what a Virtual Assistant even was. It was really dead back then. Since COVID19 the world of VA has blown up astronomically because small businesses are starting to realise:

  • That they don’t want to be bound by hiring an employee due to the economy (but they still need admin taken care of)
  • They want more flexibility in terms of paying someone to help them
  • They don’t have office space to hire an employee based in their offices because many business owners actually got rid of their office spaces to save on costs (if they had an office to start with)
  • They have realised the benefit of outsourcing in their businesses

I have never seen the market so ready for Virtual Assistants. How do I know this? Well of course through feedback from the people that have undergone my training.

This is what I am hearing:

  • I have some ladies that are already booked into 2022
  • I am getting requests for associate Virtual Assistants because some ladies that I have trained are fully booked
  • They are getting more requests than they can even handle

This makes sense to me because we are moving to a world that requires more flexibility and a pivot from the old way of working.

So how should you proceed?

Many ladies (honestly a huge majority of ladies) are currently working full-time jobs. This is completely natural as I would never advise someone to up and leave their current job and forsake their salary to start their own Virtual Assistant business without a proper transition plan in place because you would be starting your business in a world of stress and chaos. So what options do you have?

If you have still felt that you:

  • Want better for yourself
  • You are tired of the “corporate box”
  • You are tired of being told “XXX is all you are worth” (Meanwhile you know that you are basically running the entire company)
  • You are tired of being told what your day would look like
  • You want so badly to spend more time with your kids and your family
  • You are tired and drained from working in a toxic work environment

Why wait?

Trust me I am not saying that you should forsake your holiday plans and not rest this December (we all HAVE to take a break after the year we have had), but for me, there is no sense in waiting to start working on your VA business. Yes, there is work involved but if you start now you are going to be SO much further than if you had to start in January or when things “feel” perfect because then you will have to first get everything set up and then start the process when there are other ladies out there ready and prepared to hit the ground running and ready to take on clients in 2022.

I am just that person who wants to get ahead and not procrastinate and trust me that time investment will pay itself off in a BIG way. Make sure you are ready for the new year and if you are ready to not be left in the dust, but don’t have a clue where to start, you know you are always welcome to reach out to me for help and advice: melissa@melissanicholson.com .

I believe in you girl! XOXO

Mel (The VA Coach)