Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach

Why the Word “freelancer” Could be Affecting the Success of Your VA Business!

Every one of us wants the flexibility to live our lives the way we want to, as well as to determine our own daily schedules and the freedom to have a powerful and successful business at the same time right? So many woman venture down the path of starting their own online or virtual assistant businesses with the best intentions of building a great client base, making as much money as they desire and ditching the 9-5 forever! I totally get it! I have been there and am living the life I have always dreamt of for myself, away from the corporate box confines.

Why is it then that many ladies don’t get clients or have one or two clients and can’t seem to scale their virtual businesses no matter what they do?

I believe it is because of a mentality situation. I will explain myself 🙂 when I started my own VA business, I also categorised myself as a “freelancer“, thinking that this was the correct term for what I did. I.e. having my own virtual business and the freedom that came from that, but there is one massive problem with this “freelancer/’side-hustle” mentality.

The problem is… it puts you in the following frame of mind:

  • That you are going to try this business out, see if it works and if not you can always go back to your 9-5
  • It leaves a door open for you to fail
  • That you always need to be fighting and grasping at random online projects in order to get work in
  • That you are just trying to make enough money to survive
  • That you are not really a business owner, but some kind of temporary/Flexi-worker

Your client’s WILL pick up on your mentality, believe it or not, and may start treating you as an employee.

Now there is of course no judgment in this kind of thinking, but it is definitely not going to take you places, especially not those places where you are:

  • Having a fantastic and stable client base
  • Making 5-6 figure monthly incomes
  • Scaling your business to new heights
  • Actually being successful
  • Becoming a fully-booked Virtual Assistant
  • Designing the kind of life where you have the flexibility with kids and vacation time that you have always wanted

So what is the correct mentality?

You have taken this leap or have nearly made the leap into starting your own Virtual Assistant business, do you know what this makes you? The CEO OF YOUR OWN EMPIRE! Yes, that’s right! You are now a #bossbabe and that means:

  • You call the shots
  • You determine the outcome and success of your business
  • You make decisions based on what is good for you, your business and your personal life
  • You determine what your schedule looks like and what tasks you do on a daily basis
  • You layout your financial goals and set out to meet them
  • You design your life the way you want it to go

So what can you do to change the freelancer mentality?

  • Remind yourself on a daily basis that you are the CEO of your own company and NOT a freelancer
  • Keep telling yourself how brave and powerful you are for taking this step in the first place when everyone else was WAYYY too scared to
  • When people ask you what you do, you tell them straight: “I am a business owner and a CEO
  • Start developing yourself in areas of business that are not clear for you, such as strategy, scaling your business, business operations and any other area in which you feel you need development in terms of running a business

And of course, if you need me to tell you what you are (besides being a bad-ass, strong, capable-of-anything boss babe) contact me so I can remind you 🙂

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach