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Why Self-Love is Crucial to the Success of Your Business

Have you ever been so dedicated to your online business that you throw yourself heart and soul into your tasks day and night.  Days become weeks, weeks become months, and months become years.  Suddenly you find yourself so exhausted, stressed out and unable to remember why you started your business in the first place.  You my friend have reached burn out point!

I myself have reached this point many a time and always seem to forget how I got there in the first place.  You always hear about people talking about how you have to push yourself, how you need to NOT stop until you have hit success…and while this is very true, we tend to forget about ourselves completely in the process.  Here are a few self-love tips to help you take care of yourself as a person, while you are growing your empire as an entrepreneur.

♥ Be Kind to your Mind

Instead of throwing myself into my day as soon as I wake up, I have some self-love rituals that I always do before I get into the grind.  Meditating or reading a passage and really focusing on this is extremely helpful to get your mind ready for the day and to relax before you even start with your to-do list. This could be a motivational or inspirational book or podcast that is uplifting to you as a person and makes you feel good about yourself. This does not have to be long, it can be about 15-30 minutes before you start your day.

♥ Be Kind to Yourself

This is of utmost importance.  Our bodies can take a beating with all the work and busyness of the day.  Make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work at least once a week, doing something relaxing for yourself.  Here are some great ideas:

♥ Take a 30-minute bubble bath, with relaxing music in the background

♥ Go for a mani or pedicure

♥ Go have your hair treated at the salon

♥ Book into a day spa for a nice treatment

♥ Do a nice DIY facial at home

♥ Be kind to your Soul

I have a journal that I use on a daily basis.  You can write whatever you choose in your own journal, but I normally start off my day, listing 3 things that I am grateful for and 3 things that I love about myself.  For some reason, many people believe this is arrogant or selfish, but why should you not appreciate all those things that you love about yourself?  After all, what you think about yourself always manifests in your behaviour.  We live in such a social world, where there is so much pressure on us to succeed, have the best bodies and behave in the way people think we should behave.  This is unrealistic and can also make us feel like we are not what we should be.  Make sure to check in with yourself daily by having this journal and try and switch off any devices and social media.

♥ Be Kind to Your Body

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to take care of your body.  In order to give your best, you need to be in top shape.  This does not need to be anything extreme!  Even if you take a 20-minute walk or stretch daily, that is more than enough.  Also, it is important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and don’t forget to get in at least 1,5 litres of water a day.  I know this is obvious, but trust me I used to go hours without food, water or any breaks being completely engrossed in my work, this will lead your body to burn out.

♥ Be Kind to Others

Being kind to others opens up many different possibilities to start or develop a social connection with someone. Kind acts such as buying someone a thoughtful present, a coffee or simply complimenting someone, strengthens friendships and relationships.  Try to make it your goal to do good to one person a week.  Besides the benefits this suggestion would impart on another person, doing this will make you feel better as a person.

♥ Be Kind to your Heart

This is something that I have not taken seriously myself in the past and I reached the point where every small business issue affected my stress level and landed up getting upset for almost everything, this, in turn, resulted in me getting strange chest pains almost on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, no matter how young you may be, stress is by no means something to take lightly.  Stress itself is a risk factor for heart disease, it could be because chronic stress exposes your body to unhealthy, persistently elevated levels of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Studies also link stress to changes in the way blood clots, which increases the risk of a heart attack.  Your life is definitely not worth even the largest of issues.  Remember to put yourself and your health first.  Breath. You have got this Boss Babe!

♥ Be Kind with your Time

I think this point applies to so many people.  Many of us do not know how to say “no” when we need to.  The problem with this is, always saying “yes” to things that aren’t important or that can wait, will most certainly add additional pressure and unnecessary stress to our schedules.  Therefore, it is good to have boundaries.  There is such a thing as being forthright, without being harsh.  Trust me on this, you will thank me for it later.

How Are You Going to Show Up for Yourself today?

I hope this blog has helped to make you see how important you are to the success of your business.  You are your business as an entrepreneur, you are the success and face of your business, therefore you have to ensure you take care of yourself first and foremost.  The question I have for you is: “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF TODAY?” If you have any additional tips or suggestions for self-love, would love to hear them, drop me a mail here:

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach