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Personal Assistant vs Virtual Assistant: Which one is right for you?

Virtual Assistance has been around for quite a while now, although in saying that, it is something fairly new to the South African market. People get confused with the difference between Personal Assistant’s and a Virtual Assistant and I am here to clear any confusion up for you.

A Personal Assistant is someone who:

♥ Is based in the office of her employer

♥ Is provided with office equipment for example: laptop, printer, desk etc

♥ Gets paid a set salary, which may or may not include fringe benefits such as: Medical Aid, Pension Fund, Car  Allowance etc

♥ Has set working hours (usually between 8-5 pm dependent on the employers requirements)

A Virtual Assistant is someone who:

♥ Is based in their own location and is able to even work internationally while working from home

♥ Works from her own office and uses all their own office supplies

♥ Charges clients as she sees fit and can earn as much as she wants

♥ Works whatever hours she decides to set for herself and decides exactly how many hours she would like to work per day

♥ Chooses her own clients and decides who she would like to work for

♥ Decides what services she would like to offer, depending on her skill set

As you can see there is a big difference between the two, but how do you know which one is best for you?

Pros of being a Personal Assistant

♥ If you prefer a standard 8-5 pm job, being a PA is best suited to you, as a Virtual Assistant has various hours that she works, she also runs her own company so all responsibility lies with her to grow and manage the company

♥ If you want to earn a set salary that you know will get paid the same time every month, then being a PA is ideal

♥ Set salary guaranteed every month (although limited space to grow your income)

♥ Promotion capabilities

Pros of being a Virtual Assistant

♥ Being your own boss is the number one attraction to being a VA, so if this is something you are looking for, the world of Virtual Assistance is waiting for you

♥ Flexible working hours

♥ You can earn as much money as you desire

♥ You can choose which clients you work with and what work you are willing to do

♥ No sitting in traffic

♥ You can do work in your PJ’s 🙂

♥ You can work from the beach if you want or from a corner café in France

♥ You can spend time with your kids helping with homework after school

♥ You can do yoga in the middle of the day (my biggest attraction :))

As you can see being a PA or VA has its own benefits, depending on where you are at in your journey. If you have always dreamt of spending more time with your family or setting your own flexible working hours, then perhaps being a VA is the way to go for you.

If you are interested in setting up your own business, give me a shout so we can have a chat. I am a VA coach and can help you set the whole thing up. Can’t wait to hear from  you.

Want to start your own Virtual business? Don’t go it alone!

If you are reading this blog, then you are most likely thinking of starting up your own Virtual business or have already begun the process. But WAIT!!! Before you carry on…there are a few tips that I would like to share with you that are very important to ensure that you are successful in setting up your own business.

Pause for consideration:

As a VA Coach, I come across many brave ladies daily who ventured out to start their own VA businesses and unfortunately did not make it.  They had all the right characteristics and intentions to become super successful, but they got stuck trying to find clients, they did not know how to market themselves, they did not price their services correctly or they did not know how to handle more than one client at a time and were unable to offer the best possible service to their clients. Most of these ladies felt like failures that were unable to run a successful business and often feel poorly about themselves due to this set-back. The thing is, these ladies have EXACTLY what it takes to be successful business owners, BUT what was missing? They just did not have the correct resources, tools and guidelines to set things up the right way.

But what do I need to set up my VA business?

♥ You need a quiet office space

♥ You need a decent laptop and a reliable WIFI set up

♥ You need the right systems and software to do the work

♥ You need to set up a good business plan and determine which type/s of clients you are going to target

♥ You need to set up your brand (logo, colors and register your business name)

♥ You need legal documents, like contracts in place for dealing with your clients

♥ You need an invoicing and accounting system in place to keep track of your finances

♥ You need to determine what your skill set is and what services you are going to offer out to your clients (plus if you have any niche services)

♥ You need to determine how much money you want to make and also what you are going to charge your clients

♥ You need a very good plan to market yourself to get your business out there

♥ You need a good website to attract clients

♥ You need a strategy to market yourself on social media

♥ You need an extremely good idea of how you are going to find clients

♥ You need time management skills, as well as software to manage your time wisely

As you can see there is TONS to keep in mind when setting up your business! This can be very daunting doing this on your own, like where do you even begin?


What I recommend

I was a successful national and international Virtual Assistant for over 8 years now. This was not always the case! When I took the leap, I literally had no guidelines, no know-how, no resources and absolutely NO clue where to even begin. I landed up googling articles and DIY blog posts that truthfully did not help at all. I had to learn by trial and error (and trust me ERROR indeed!). I built my VA business around all of these mistakes and learnt what worked and what did not work. It took longer than I would of hoped, as I did not have the tools on hand to get it right, but I would never be where I am today if I had not made these mistakes. Many ladies were coming to me asking me how I did it, how did I find clients, how did I price my services. I have received so many questions and so many requests for advice over the years, that I decided to become a VA coach to help and empower ladies like you who want to get started, but have no clue where to begin.

But what can I help with exactly?

I coach ladies how to set their VA businesses up from A-Z walking the path with them, providing them with the tools and resources they need in order to be successful and also to keep them motivated and accountable as they set up. Many of these ladies were in full-time jobs and had no idea where to begin, others had tried to start their VA businesses but had failed on there own. To see what some of my clients have to say about my coaching click here .

At the end of the day whether you have tried to start your business and have failed on your own or if going out on your own has crossed your mind, YOU’VE GOT THIS! Whether you are stuck in a dead-end job and don’t know where to begin I’VE GOT YOU! To see how I can help you get your business off the ground as soon as possible, take a look at my coaching packages here 🙂

If you have any questions at all, as always, you are welcome to contact me: .

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach