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Do You Really Need a Website as an Online Business Owner?

In short, the answer is definitely yes… but let me explain why…

When you are looking to delve deeper into a product or a service to get information, what is the first thing you do?

Yes of course you can go search the company or service provider on Facebook or Instagram, but I know that the first thing I do when I want to check out a service provider is go straight to Google. I type in a search and if I can’t find the relevant service provider, I wonder if they even exist and may consider moving on to the next service provider that did have a website in the Google search.

I am not at all contending the power of social media and word of mouth referrals methods, but in this day and age let’s face it, technology is king (or queen 😉).

Did you know that 80% of people will look at your website before deciding to do business with you?

If this is the case and you do not currently have a website, you could be losing out on MASSIVE business opportunities and worse, be losing out on potential clients for your online or service-based business.

My number one motto has always and will always be: “if a potential client is confused, the answer will always be no“. Therefore having your business out there as much as possible and also being very clear about what it is you offer and how you solve your client’s problems, will get you results E V E R Y single time. Let’s look at why this is:

A website is the face of your business

When someone wants to know more about you, they can access your site and see who you are, your pricing and what you have to offer. If the website is professionally done, then well done you! You may have an immediate potential client. In saying that, having a poorly done, incomplete or unprofessional website can be detrimental to your business because a client who takes a look at your website (especially as a Virtual Assistant) might sadly link your website with how professional you are and also question the quality of the services you provide. So that said, it is SUPER important to have a professional, clean and beautifully created website. 

Having a website builds trust

When a potential client can see that your brand is aligned and that you are an established business, you are already a step through the door. It shows that you are a service provider and immediately provides trust to a potential client. 

A website is an automatic marketing tool

Anyone can view the site, anywhere, anytime. Therefore it is a permanent drawcard that you have for potential business all of the time! The cost of hosting a website is actually so minimal that you literally are missing out on a massive, free marketing tool if you do not have one. 🌺

Get your brand aligned

By having a website, you can link literally everything else to it:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Adverts
  • Email signature
  • Business card
  • Sales funnels

You get the idea! Your website pretty much leads to all your other social and marketing platforms and therefore a SUPER valuable asset to have.

Become an expert in your field 

Blogging is by far becoming one of the greatest methods to draw traffic to your website. You can design a blog page right on your website and can write about topics that would appeal to your target audience and set yourself apart as an expert in your industry. You can also use your blogs to draw potential clients to your service offering. 

24/7, 365 open sign

Your website is available all the time and does not close down for evenings, weekends and holidays. Also, your website is available to all potential clients, no matter where they are based or what timezone they are in, creating global opportunities.

Client-targeted copywriting 

Besides the aesthetics of your website, your website text might be one of the largest opportunities you have to draw in prospects. Why do you ask?

This is YOUR WEBSITE and you can put whatever you want on it, but the advantage is, you can use all your text to create interest and hot leads. How do you do this? By matching your service offering to what problems you solve for clients. Many ladies make the mistake of designing a website based around them, which is great, but you have GOT to have your target market covered in absolutely all the text you put on your website. So essentially, your website needs to be 100% client-focused.

Your website saves time and gets you closer to closing on a client

When a client reaches out to you and shows interest in your online business, this believe me is one of the most exciting times for you. However, trust me on this, a client will ten to one say to you: “please can you send me your website link so I can get more details” which can either a) be a fabulous experience and opportunity for you or b) turn a client right away if your website is not professional or you do not have a website to refer them to. I don’t know about you, but I prefer option A. 😛

Advertising & specials

You could easily decide to have a special offer or special on a specific service or package that you offer and create beautiful pop-up banners on your site so that if someone clicks on your site it will pop up and alert them to your special. You are also able to collect email addresses through Mailchimp or Convertkit which collects potential leads contact details which will create a massive potential client base to follow up with should they not convert immediately, so you can follow up with them in the future directly.

Moral of the story

So as you can see, the advantages of having a website outweigh pretty much everything else and in today’s online world, it is becoming a necessity to go this route. 

How I can help?

If you are wondering where you can find a web designer who can create a powerful website that will blow clients away, look no further. I create beautifully designed websites, custom-made specifically for you and your business. Using the look and feel you want to go with and also create the full copywriting for your website, using my 8+ years of running my own successful International Virtual Assistant business and in-depth knowledge of the virtual market, locally and globally. Any ladies who come to me from reading this blog will receive a 20% discount on my VA website designing package 🤗  (Please note that this is dependent on spaces available). To get started drop me a line here .

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach