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Many of us have sadly found ourselves believing one or more “truths” about ourselves and our capabilities that are not at all true. Perhaps this was instilled in us even as early as CHILDHOOD. Perhaps someone told you you would never make it, or you would not amount to much in life or you were in a situation growing up that was very negative and sadly these circumstances created certain mindsets that make us believe things about ourselves that are not true and these are called “LIMITING BELIEFS“.

Without us knowing it we may think things like this automatically:

  • I am not good enough
  • I am not worthy enough
  • I don’t have a degree
  • I don’t have what it takes
  • There are other people out there that are better than me
  • This is all I am good for

Believe it or not, I believed many of these things for most of my life, until I realised… NO MATTER who or what anyone has said to or about you, these opinions do NOT need to define you or your future!

Back in the day when I had my full-time corporate role, of course I was thankful for the secure monthly income I was receiving, but there was always something MISSING. I would always sit at my desk thinking surely there was more… surely I could use my same skills and have my own business where I could determine my own income, time and flexibility and then my limiting beliefs would creep in again:

  • What am I thinking I cannot leave my job!
  • I would never be able to have my own business!
  • I am not qualified to have my own business!
  • What if I fail!
  • What if I don’t make any money and it’s a complete disaster!

I took the leap 8 years ago to start my own virtual business and got to the point where I made 5-6 FIGURE a month incomes and YES I made mistakes and took thousands of wrong turns, but the truth is my life has been completely transformed by that decision and I would do it over again! I didn’t wait for everything to be PERFECT before I took the leap (otherwise truth be told I would never have taken the leap)! … I did not have a degree back then, I did not have loads of money, I did not have a back-up plan in case it failed. I did have one KEY thing though … and that was the mentality that no matter what happened, I WAS going to be make it work end of story. I have news for you, I was no one special with anything out of the ordinary, I just had the desperate need to create a life on my terms and if this sounds like you, you can do this too!

Now, my VA career has led me to coach ladies such as yourself on EXACTLY how to set up their own successful VA businesses, just like I did (minus all the mistakes I made :)). Setting up a business is daunting in itself, but even more so when you have no idea where to begin. That is now my life’s mission, to coach ladies and walk the journey alongside them, so that they do not need to GO IT ALONE like I had to.

I have created a quick quiz that takes 60 SECONDS or less to complete, which will help you to see if you are ready to start your own 5-6 figure per month VA business, just like I did. If you score 70% or more on this survey, I am opening up 10 free discovery call spots for 2021, so that you and I can have a coffee chat call to discuss where you are at and perhaps some of the areas that are bugging you and potentially stopping you from becoming a SUCCESSFUL business owner, which by the way is completely possible for you! 

If you KNOW that you’ve:

  • Been thinking about starting your own virtual business, but need guidance from someone who knows how to actually guide you step-by-step to set this business up without having to go it on your own
  • You are ready to take action and are a total go-getter
  • You are ready to invest the time it takes to get going on your business whilst you still have your full-time job
  • You are tired of earning a salary when you know you are worth so much more

Then take the following two steps:

It’s time to move past the fear and move into the amazing future I know is waiting for you!

All my love and belief in you,

Mel x

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach