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72 Popular Virtual Assistant Services to Offer to Clients

One of the most confusing parts of setting up your Virtual Assistant business is usually “what services do I offer out to clients”? It can be very daunting, especially if you do not know what skills you have, or what kinds of services are popular with clients. That’s exactly what I am going to cover in this blog! So keep reading lady!

Step 1 – Working Out What Skills You Currently Have

As an International Virtual Assistant coach, it is really easy for me to pick up what someone’s service offering should be. It’s only easy for me because I was a successful International Virtual Assistant for 8 years. But for someone such as yourself just starting out, you may not have a clue. My first set of advice is to grab a copy of your CV (make sure it is the most up to date CV so that you have absolutely every single task you have performed in your previous jobs that you have held). 

Step 2 – Grab a Notepad

Then go grab a notepad and a coffee, because it is time to make a list of everything you have done, and then to scratch off anything that you do not feel comfortable offering.

Step 3 – My Popular Services List

Now take a look through my popular services list below and see what tasks are the same as your list and what you could potentially look at adding to your list.

Personal Assistance

1) Calendar/diary management

2) Email inbox management

3) Transcription

4) Travel arrangements

5) Personal and Business reminders

6) Online purchases

7) Agendas

8) Minutes of meetings

9) Setting up of meetings and calls


10) Typing

11) Proofreading

12) Spreadsheets

13) Presentations

14) Database management

15) Editing of documents

16) Screening of CV’s

17) Setting up of interviews

18) Client liaison


19) Website creation & design

20) Website maintenance

21) Copywriting

22) Proofreading

23) SEO

24) Website plugin updates


25) System design

26) Tech processes

27) System management


28) Bookkeeping

29) Debt collection

30) Invoicing

31) Purchase orders

32) Tax returns

33) Tax return filing

Social Media

34) Content creation

35) Posting of content

36) Managing of social media accounts

37) Audience engagement

38) Management of ads

39) Insights and analytics

40) Scheduling of social media

41) Content creation calendars

42) Content ideas


43) Branding

44) Design

45) Logo creation

46) E-book creation

47) E-book formatting

48) Assistance with product launches

49) Video editing

50) Photo editing

51) Podcast assistance


52) Blog content creation

53) Blog website posting

54) Blog proofreading

55) Management of a current blog page

56) Audience engagement

57) Affiliate marketing


58) Marketing campaigns

59) Email marketing

60) Newsletter marketing

61) Digital marketing

62) Ad campaigns

63) Marketing research

64) Marketing analysis


65) Sales and lead generation

66) Recruitment

67) Events

68) Webinar management

69) Project management

70) CRM 

71) Public relations

72) Sales funnels

Remember you do not need to offer out all of these services, just the ones you are comfortable with. It is ok not to have experience with some things, but the good thing is, there are some fabulous platforms where you can sign up for free courses (most of the time) on the subjects you are not familiar with so you can keep adding to your service offering and establish yourself as an expert Virtual Assistant in the market!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email here: .

Melissa Nicholson - The Virtual Assistant Coach