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I Interview One of My “I Said Yes To My Future” Program Students

Many ladies ask me on a daily basis about how I go about assisting ladies to start successful Virtual Assistant businesses, the way I did 8 years ago. Today I decided to interview one of my “I Said Yes To My Future” VA program students – Kaley, to find out what her experience has been with the program and how she has gone on to massive success in her business. 

What was your reason for starting your own Virtual Assistant business?

I was in a situation at work where I was desperately unhappy to say the least. I felt so constricted by my boss who also happened to be very verbally abusive, but also my finances were taking strain. I am a single mom and was worried about my job security, as well as the fact that I couldn’t seem to make ends meet. Honestly at the end of the month, I had so little money left to survive after paying all my bills. I knew that I needed to take action, but had no clue where to start. After following Melissa on social media for a long time, I decided to take the decision to try and start my own VA business… after all what did I have to lose by trying?

What was your biggest fears before you decided to take this decision?

Well, firstly I have two kids who I am raising on my own. I have to get the kids to school every morning, fight through traffic to work and then work a full day. I have to fetch the kids (which I am usually late for), grab groceries and rush home. I had no idea how I would ever have the time to start this business, not to mention that I had zero idea how to go about it. I was also scared that I would not be able to make the money I would need to go into this full-time eventually.

What appealed to you about the “I Said Yes To My Future” Program?

I had seen Melissa talk about this program and it sounded great, considering that she promised that absolutely everything would be covered from A-Z, which is honestly what I needed. But I did not have the time to attend scheduled calls or allocated training times due to my rough schedule, so hearing that the program was a video and worksheet set up that I could do at any time that I had available was perfect to me.

How did you find the program?

I was not sure what to expect, because sometimes when you complete a course, you may land up more confused than you were to start off with. But I was surprisingly happy to see that everything was broken up into easy to follow modules. Melissa also encourages us to tackle one module at a time, watch the video and then complete the worksheet. What was great in terms of accountability is that I could email my completed worksheet back to her so that she could review it and add inputs into what I had completed for that module. What was invaluable for me, was that she was tracking my progress, which encouraged me to make sure that I completed one module a week, which helped me to set up my business a lot quicker than I thought.

What was surprising to you about the program?

Besides how simple it was to follow. I realised that my fears about starting a business were totally unfound. Melissa has been there done that (for real). So she started off with nothing and no capital to start her own business, so really shows you how to set up every aspect of your VA business, but in the most cost-effective way possible. For someone with limited means, this was the best part.

What happened after you completed the program?

I took Melissa up on the call that she offers once you have completed the program, where I could ask her all the questions I wanted to ask. Also, she provided me with a plan on how I could leave my job and how to start this business, without losing my income. I now have 4 long-term clients, who are on my higher-end packages. I was able to earn way more than I originally thought was possible. I am so happy I made this decision.

Last thoughts?

Even though I had nothing when I started out … no plan, no know-how, no money, I STILL DID IT! But would never have been able to do it without all the steps that were included in Melissa’s program. I know it sounds cheesy, but the fact is, I get to work from home and be there for my kids on my own terms, but this is a lot of work and you have to commit to applying yourself, but honestly looking at it now … would never have it any other way.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this blog lady 💖 It was so lovely having you here. Should you be interested in signing up for my “I Said Yes To My Future”  (any ladies who apply for this course after reading this blog get the ridiculously discounted price of R245 (Usually R699). Please be sure to let me know that you are applying for your spot through this blog so I can give you the discount 🤗) Feel free to sign up for a spot in my program by clicking this link: 

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