I said yes to my future! Are you ready to say yes to yours?


Throughout my journey as a life coach as well as a Virtual Assistant coach, I hear so many ladies tell me the same things when we start working together … And at first I get really sad because there are thousands of ladies that feel the same way and that is:

❌ Feeling like they will never amount to much in their lives
❌ Feeling like they are just not good enough
❌ Feeling like they are not smart enough
❌ Feeling like they are not capable enough
❌ Feeling like nothing they do is ever good enough

And guess what … this was me, many years ago, prior to starting my VA business.

But there is good news here today! None of this is true!

In this blog I am chatting about something that changed my life forever. And I think at this point you may think it was starting my own Virtual Assistant business many years ago 😊, but actually it has got to do with one of the most IMPORTANT realisations that changed my life forever … and that was my MINDSET!

You see I feel like so many times there are circumstances and certain people that put us into a box and make us feel like we are just lacking in most areas of our lives, for example:

❌ Lack of money
❌ Lack of knowledge
❌ Lack of resources
❌ Lack of education
❌ Lack of support
❌ Abuse

And you walk around carrying these weights without even realising it. They affect your moods, your interactions, your relationships and most importantly your future decisions!

It took me the longest time throughout my life to realise that most of what I believed about myself was a complete lie, but let me tell you, the journey was not easy. Believing these lies cost me almost EVERYTHING, including:

❌ My family
❌ Opportunities
❌ Money
❌ Happiness
❌ Time
❌ Relationships
❌ Freedom

I remember sitting at my corporate executive assistant job wondering if this was my portion. Wondering if the salary that was allocated to me was all I was worth, even though I was basically running the companies and CEO’s that I worked for and so desperately wanted more for my life. I did not want to ask permission to do a personal errand, I did not want to commute in 3 hours of traffic a day and I certainly did not want to carry out the same tedious tasks in that job for the rest of my life. But here’s the thing, I did not know what else to do. I mean how could I get out of this job and what on earth would I do if I did? 

I looked around me and thought that the people that had started their own businesses were smarter than me, had more money than me, had a formal education or a special super power that I would never attain, but as the years went on, the more I realised, my salary was not even covering anything additional besides my bills, and that I would never be able to afford anything more than that.

And that is when I took the CRAY CRAY 🤪 decision to actually just start taking action, you know any kind of action at all! I mindlessly sat researching the world of Virtual Assistance for hours on end, getting more and more intimidated, scared and fearful. How would I pull all this together? How would I know exactly where to begin, was there any one who was willing to help me? I even remember reaching out to 2 similar people who had managed to get their VA businesses off the ground for help, but no one ever wrote back 🙁. I felt alone. Lost and hopeless. My mind was completely overwhelmed by the information overload. And so I did what I thought worked and somehow managed to piece together my small VA business.

Fast-forward 7 years into my business!!! It completely changed my life. Was it nerve wracking ….. HELL YES! But what else happened?

✅ I made 5 times my salary as a PA and started living a life where I could provide more for myself and my family
✅ I got to work from the comfort of my own home
✅ I never had to sit in traffic again
✅ I gained confidence like never before
✅ I worked internationally and even got invited to Germany for training through one of my clients
✅ I got time back with my family (precious time that can never be taken for granted)
✅ I finished my business degree (years and years after I finished school and who cares, I still did it whoop 🥂)

Most importantly! I found out who I was through this business. It took me years of making mistakes, taking on the wrong clients sometimes, getting myself involved in things I never wanted to be involved in, not being able to say no, to finally realising my true identity. Fast-forward to today, my VA journey had me realise that if I could do this, as hard as it was, as confusing as it was, as SCARY AS HELL it was, I still made it and I had turned myself into a success story and you know what? It just took guts to take a step and sometimes in life that is all you have to do, is just decide to take action, fear and all! 

And the thing is, sometimes all it takes is a “YES I’M IN‘ for the Universe to step right in and propel you into the future you know you have always wanted. 

I’d love to know if this message resonated with you, because honestly, you’re not alone!

I took a chance on myself because I KNOW I am worth it and guess what so are you! Are you ready to take a chance on yourself?

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Mel (The VA Coach and Life Coach)