How to Save Yourself from the Back-to-Work Blues!


Festivities, family and food! That might be my three words to describe my December 2019 holidays 😀 The end of the year is something we all desperately look forward to, especially to escape the rat race of the 9 to 5. My new year starts off a whole lot differently now than it used to back in my corporate Executive Assistant days. Those days used to look something like this: counting down until holidays had arrived (this is unless my boss had not decided that I needed to work Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve),  finally getting into holiday mode and before I could close my eyes, I could feel my stomach turning into knots knowing that the day that I needed to go back to work was quickly upon me and that I would need to be bound by a 9-5 yet again for an entire year and await the next weekend so that I could regain some form of happiness and relief, until the next working Monday. It never occurred to me that this type of thinking is mentally draining and to say the least a waste of my life.


Review your 2019

Before you can look at understanding why you feel like this about going back to work. Here is some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What aspects of your life do you feel went right for you in 2019?
  2. What aspects of your life do you feel went horribly wrong in 2019?
  3. With the aspects that might of gone wrong in 2019, do you feel they could have been prevented? If so, how?
  4. What do you wish you had started doing in 2019 to change or improve your 2020 situation?
  5. Do you have any regrets for 2019?
  6. What do you not want to take with you into your new year?
  7. What are you scared of?
  8. What do you think you need to change about your mindset in 2020?
  9. Do you feel you worked towards your dreams in 2019?
  10. Do you feel that you made enough money in 2019?

Re-evaluate your Current Situation

So after answering all of the above questions, I think you may have a better understanding as to why you may feel the way you do about going back into your 9-5 job, after a lovely holiday, but the good news is … you can actually do something to change this, plus you can start doing this today! Now don’t get me wrong, if you are in a job where you are happy with the working environment, happy with the way your boss treats you, happy with your hours and the salary you receive, that is truly great news! And of course the importance of a stable job is not at any point understated, because we all know we have to pay our bills and put food on the table for our families.

But perhaps you are in a situation similar to mine was, where you feel trapped in your 9-5 job, believing this is all you are good for and the thought of even stepping out of your stable job to try something new is daunting and horrifying. And if that is you, it is NEVER too late! Many of you know about my journey and how I decided to take the chance on my self and set up my business to make the smart transition from my full-time job into my full-time Virtual Assistant business, which thankfully turned international due to the hard work I put into it and you know what? This is how my life changed, but not like those “cheesy”, “get-rich quick” schemes, but truthfully in the following ways:

  • I started looking forward to Monday’s and I seldom remembered which day it was because I actually enjoyed the work I was doing 😂
  • I could not believe that I could run a personal errand during the day and not have to ask my boss permission to do so
  • I got to spend more and quality time with my family, because I felt more present and less stressed from my job
  • I genuinely got to the point where I earned 5-6 times my salary than my 9-5 job
  • I grew my skills and relationships to levels I never believed I could
  • I got involved in international companies 


But how can you do this too? Read on 😀

Plan for the Future

Many ladies feel like they would wait for the right time to work on investing in their futures or wait for more money, but the truth is … is there a better time then now? I did not have either one of those, it was not the best time for me and I did not have money to start my Virtual Assistant business, but yet, because I believed in myself and did not listen to the naysayers, HERE I AM with a big smile on my face 😁 I am the biggest believer in the more steps you take today, the better off you will be tomorrow for it and this applies to your future as well.

So let’s say you have always wanted to start your own Virtual Assistant or online business, but have thought it not possible due to your current job, worrying about the ifs and buts! BUT what if you did decide to take the chance and it actually works and you manage to build your empire, transition out of your job and create the life that you have always wanted for you and your family? Feels good just thinking that right? 🍾

So what do you need to do now?

I think the first 2 things to do in your position is to make the following 2 decisions:

  1. Do I think that it is worth it to take the risk and see what happens? And:
  2. Would I lose anything by trying?

If your answers are 1. Yes and 2. No then you got this girl! The very next steps you need to take is to find out more from someone who is actually been there and done that 7 years ago.

Now why can you believe me do you ask 😎? 2 years ago I set out to help ladies just like you to set their own successful Virtual Assistant businesses and teach them exactly what to do (step-by-step) but also to teach them about important experiences that happened to me throughout the process. What worked, what didn’t work, how to deal with tricky client situations, how to price your self just right, how to find clients the easy and “non stressful way” and most of all to be that constant support to fall back on when you feel like you are starting to lose your footing or just have a plain old question you need to ask that you can’t find online. I have been coaching ladies in South Africa and internationally in the set up of their VA businesses (to check out my client love, check that out here: Client Love

I have some exciting news. In the middle of December 2019 I started an exciting VA Business Acceleration Masterclass. This masterclass was built so that you could get your own VA business set up, by using step-by-step guidelines from me to get yourself up and running in a few weeks with my support. Here’s what’s included:

The great news is there is still time to sign up and get the videos that we have covered so far and get on your way ❤️ There are only a few spots open that are closing on Friday, 17 Jan 2020, so make sure you book your spot 😀

Remember, just because 2020 might not have started well for you, it does not mean that it won’t end well ✅

You got this girl! I believe in you more than you know!

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