Virtual Assistant 101: All the Basics You Need to Know


Picture this:  waking up at 9am, grabbing some coffee, doing some yoga, taking the kids to school, coming home and starting work for the day in your own time, grab some lunch, fetch the kids and get some more work done for the day.  This could be you, this is what being a Virtual Assistant is all about…being your own boss!!!

I am going to show you in this blog what the advantages are of being a VA.  I would know, as I have been one for the past 6 years 🙂


Working from home or the beach 🙂
Set up your own beautiful home office (with views)
Schedule your own work and personal time
Grow your business and manage your own success
Spend more time with your kids when they come home from school

What you need to start

Laptop or computer
Reliable internet connection
Support from loved ones
Knowledge of the VA world
Prior admin experience
Time management
Patience and discipline
A mentor

Where do you start

There are various tools, systems and documents that you would need to set up your VA business, the following is the most important:

Website & blog
Pricing structure
Client contracts and non-disclosure agreement
Skype or for video conferencing
MS Office
A comfortable home office
To identify your skill set so that you can determine what services to offer your clients
A business name and logo
An invoicing system
A marketing strategy
A method of finding clients

When you first start your VA journey (I am speaking from experience), it can be extremely daunting to know where to even begin.  Even going online and doing research can provide you with loads of information that may confuse or alarm you (this happened to me).  Many VA’s begin their journey only to fail, as they do not know for example how to find clients or how to market themselves.  Why not hire a VA coach for yourself, that way you get everything you need upfront and all the advice before you start.

How I can help

I have over 15 years administrative experience in the corporate world, 6 of which I have been spent running my own successful Virtual Assistance business (not only based in South Africa, but internationally as well).  When I first started out, the whole task of setting up this business was extremely daunting, as I truly had no idea where to begin.  I spent months and months researching on the internet, trying to find the systems I need, methods to find clients and how to actually market myself.  I managed to get clients locally and internationally, but did make many many mistakes that cost me time and money along the way.  For this reason I have set up my own VA coaching business to help you to be the best business owner you can be.

What I Offer

Depending on the support you feel you need I offer a DIY e-course which outlines the A-Z of everything you need to begin your own successful VA business or 1:1 coaching where I will take you through the entire process myself, BUT there is more 🙂 I also create websites for Virtual Assistants. Don’t delay, check them out here and you could be well on your way to starting your very own VA business in no time:)

Book a free call with me , to find how how my coaching will assist you in setting up your entire VA business, from beginning to end.